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Top 10 Smells To Turn On The Heat!

One of the most visceral senses, the sense of smell, is also one of the least utilized in the human mating game. It is a sense that can as easily make you go eww as it can make you go ah! And vice versa, of course! It has effects far-reaching, primal and so under your skin, you wouldn’t know how much you are influenced and by what! For example, a recent study found that the smell of grapefruits led men to misjudge the age of women…by as much as 6 years lesser than the actual age! So much for the 7 signs of aging.

Here is a list of ten smells and how to use them, that is guaranteed to land you that hot date in bed and once you land it, to make it fuck awesome! Almost all of them can be used by men and women, both. For your benefit alone, we have compiled this list after pain staking trial and error based research, on unsuspecting ‘research candidates.’ As always, prepare to get surprised!

#10 Hair

Great hair is a major turn on and that is hardly a secret. What is often overlooked is how much of a turn on the smell of hair is! A man running his hand  through a woman’s hair is the stuff of romantic fantasies. A man leaning in close…near her ear…getting his fingers into her hair…smelling them so that she feels the breath on her ear as well…goosebumps…! Clean hair without any cosmetics or artificial smells is as good as it gets. Psst…secret for men with long hair! Women love the smell too!

#9 Fruit & Chocolate

Umm… The title doesn’t go with the image! Fret not noob. When it comes to getting busy in bed, it isn’t your tools, but what you do with them that counts! The basic funda behind any sexual tool is to incite you to action. So with smell. Having a grapefruit sprayed on you might not only make your man find you younger, it might also make him want to lick you, bite you and generally use his mouth in very pleasurable ways. Food smells prime the action of eating. And what better excuse to give your partner to eat you out than to smell like some delicious apples, a tangy peach or a freshly squeezed citrus? Condom companies figured this out sometime back and there ain’t any reason why you shouldn’t use a fruity bath gel the next time you want to juice up the action in bed. And do I even have to talk about chocolate?

#8 Mint

Now this is a clever one. And a recent one. All other smells on this list draw from the reptilian parts of our brain which has been shaped through millions of years of conditioning and evolution. Mint is a novel find through millions of hours and pages of the media. Evangelized by toothpaste and gum companies, the quintessential mint product has come to mean the possibility of sex. Well, at least a kiss! That is the branding idea behind calling a toothpaste, Close Up. What does all this mean to you? Well, the next time your date comes over to your house and you casually hit them with a blast of your mint-fresh breath, they are going to know what’s on your mind. Play it right and they are going to be thinking what you are thinking!

#7 Musk

This one has SEX written all over it! Whether it was your father’s Old Spice while growing up or that perfume that hunk of a guy in your college wore, you always get that tingle in your loins with Musk. Truer for guys than gals, the gals can still use it cleverly to their advantage. Musk primes testosterone. The hormone that is responsible for your sex drive and aggression. Ladies, don’t make musk your regular perfume. But, wear a little tonight. Let your partner know how you want to behave in bed. Or that you do not want to behave. At all.

#6 Rain

This is one of the more “Awww!” inducing ones. But do not underestimate the power of innocent lovemaking! Rains in India are directly linked to happy times. Memories of childhood, the crush you had in school or college, are all revived with the instant nostalgia pill of the smell of wet earth and rain. Rains also increase the longing to sit with someone close and talk about sweet nothings. It makes you lower your guards. And this is what you want! Use for  tender lovemaking rather than a wild sexual encounter. But for heaven’s sake and your partner’s, don’t spray it on yourself. Use as an ambient smell.

#5 Alcohol & Cigarettes

While rains are for lovemaking, alcohol and cigarettes are for down and dirty sex. Whether you are a slut or a manwhore, the lingering smell of daaru and dhuan in the air is enough to know that your potential partner is going to be very very willing tonight. Use with caution though. You do not want to scare away the abstainer. This one is to be used for those who drink and smoke. This one can also be as major a turn off as it is a turn on. My suggestion? Make the room smell of smoke, you yourself don’t (smelling of burnt tobacco is eeyuck, but the smell itself is not – go figure). Gargle with a bit of your favourite liquor. And let your partner go in for the kill!

#4 Sweat

Amazingly, no smell comes close to being a deeper trigger of sexual frenzy than our very own pheromones. Nature’s original perfume, they are meant to make mates attract and fuck each other. While the science behind it is very complex, the correct use of your pheromones lies in knowing that sweat can be a major turn on! Every person has his/her own unique smell. The human nose (and the male’s to be more precise) is not nature’s greatest bit of engineering. So mostly, each of our unique smells register subconsciously rather than consciously. And man, does it influence our attraction! Next time you feel feral, sweat it out before you do it in bed. And don’t be afraid of your sweat. Believe me, sweaty clothes smell bad. Sweat itself is mostly odourless. Unless you get hit by it in the brain. Then that trip is just fuck awesome!

#3 Babies

This is one that will work mostly to turn a woman on, than a man. True in straight as well as same sex relationships. Naturally, the purpose of sex, is babies. Contraception is very recent. While sex has been had for pure pleasure for a long time, the priming of babies has always been there. Bathing with a baby soap or using a baby powder that mimics the smell of having a baby in the house is a very powerful feral tool to have in your arsenal. It makes the woman feel safer with you as well as more willing to open her legs. Used on a man, it might suggest extreme youth of the partner. Again, a major turn on. This one is a very subtle nuclear bomb.

#2 Milk

After having read through the list and understanding how we are trying to make smells work to our advantage, some of you might have figured out why this biscuit dunking fluid is at such a high rank. For the rest of the junta, there is a very simple explanation. Read #9 and #3 again. Milk is a combination of both. You want a very subtle smell though. You don’t want to make your partner feel like a  dunked biscuit.

#1 Sex Fluids

“Really? And how?? What have you been smoking?!” If you are that half of the population that has this reaction to the #1 turn on smell, let me assure you, here at Fuck Awesome, we smoke perfectly illegal stuff. Or we don’t smoke at all. And if you are the other half of the population that just went ah! out of a complete epiphanic orgasm, congratulations! May you fuck all the more awesome! For the benefit of the first half of the populace, let me explain this. What will prime sex, more than sex? And what smells more sexual than your sexual secretions? Whether you are a man, woman or Justin Bieber, dabbing a bit of your self‘ on your pulse points, just underneath that layer of perfume can work like you deserve to wear your underwear over your pants.  In case you didn’t get it, it was a superhero reference. In case you still don’t, you must be a Justin Bieber fan.

Smells are one of the most efficient tools in your arsenal when you are out to fuck awesome. Whether it be appearing sexually attractive, driving your partner over the edge or building that sexual tension, you can indulge your partner’s olfactory sense to your benefit. After all the nose, according to me, is the second most important sex organ.

No, your genitals are not number one.

Happy sniffing!

-Fuck Awesome

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