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The Top 5 Looong Lasting Tricks Of The Trade

First things first. This p0st is for men AND straight women! It primarily deals with men’s orgasms and how to achieve better of them, and avoid the quicker of them. The most surprising part though, is, it doesn’t involve miracle pills, ayurvedic ghaasphoos or even your local Baba Siddiqui’s chamatkari taveez!

Are you the kinds who cannot even last till your Maggi cooks? Was your partner expecting a half hour sitcom when you gave him/her a commercial break? Does this song remind you of yourself? If your answer to the above questions is yes, do not fear my dear! Fuck Awesome is here!

Premature ejaculation has affected EVERY human male. The only difference is, for some, it is a one off and hence doesn’t matter. For others, it is more regular than Brinda Karat’s PMS. And it is this group of horny gentlemen that I plan to address through this post. To be fair though, any man wanting to last longer, will find meaning in this one.

Ironically, for a post that aims to teach you to last long, it is quite short and a quick read! The top 5 tricks to last long, read on!


Or, as it is better known, The Stop-Start technique. This is one of the most effective techniques to help you last long and fuck awesome. However, to stop midway, too much and too soon, can be frustrating for your partner. There are two easy ways to remedy this. One, practice during masturbation! Understand your response when you cum by yourself. Notice the point of no return. Learn to stop stimulating yourself just before that point. Two, do not leave your partner hanging while you stop. Stop…and change positions. Stop…and stimulate your partner by hand or mouth. Alternate between intercourse and other stimulation! Increase the total amount of your making out session, not just intercourse.

Snack Before The Meal!

Sometimes, it is a good idea to not listen to your mom. Especially, when you are going to get some action! Remember her thing about NOT snacking before lunch or dinner? Well, I say, chuck that! About an hour before you get into bed with your partner, get some action by yourself. Grab that joystick! Milk that snake! This snack will ensure that you are less sensitive to further stimulation and not in dire need of release. Works like a charm every time! Doesn’t mean you give up on the other tips though.

More Warm-up

Warming-up before a sport or exercise, helps you avoid injuries. Think of increased foreplay as extended warm-up that will help you perform better in bed. But how will increased foreplay make you last long EVER? It defies logic! I will be honest with you. Increased foreplay does NOT make you last long. However, it helps you make the session more enjoyable for BOTH of you. It makes both of you be more sensitive during intercourse and closer to cumming before it. So it helps by making your partner cum quicker. Duh!

First Cum, Last Serve

While you are having a lot of foreplay to make your partner be on the same countdown as you, why not make your partner cum BEFORE you? Go ahead, use your hands. Use that wonderful mouth of yours. Put in some tongue. Leave your partner with no complaints! Then enjoy the attention. It won’t even matter how much you last now!

Top, Bottom & Sideways

Each position stimulates you differently. It is a better idea to have less stimulation on the underside of your penis, as it tends to be more sensitive. The partner-on-top position usually achieves this very well. Missionary is a 50-50 proposition. While you have more control over your lovemaking, it can get you off quicker than your partner. ABSOLUTELY avoid doggiestyle!


Partnering Responsibilities

The thing about premature ejaculation is, it is a relative thing. If you last for 30 minutes during sex, but your partner wants you to last for an hour, you may suffer relationship issues, sexual dissatisfaction and general depression that a man who lasts much lesser would undergo. However, if you last for only 30 seconds, but your partner lasts even lesser, it ain’t a problem for you mate! Ask your partner to help you as well. To practice start-stop with you or to cum before you. The point of sex is to have fun or have babies. If you have stress, ego issues and the likes, you are totally missing the point and losing out on fucking awesome. So do not make premature ejaculation a problem or an ego issue. Understand that it is relative and not absolute.

The tips above will help you no matter how little or how long you already last. If you noticed, I have not mentioned the oft given tip of thinking about sports, work or your grandma while you are at it. I think, this is cheating on the same level as faking an orgasm. If you are not in the moment, what’s the point? After all, it isn’t how long, but how awesome you fuck, isn’t it?

Cum back soon!

-Fuck Awesome!

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