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6 Fuck Awesome Do-It-Togethers For Couples

Let us start with this totally awww! image below – Do you know what I call this one? Eternal love? Cute couple? Romantic holiday? Well, I call it BORING love! Yes, you read that right. Absolutely. One hundred percent.

While it is great to have romantic fantasies and to stare at M&B cover pages imagining them to be the cover pages of your love story, no couple that has fuck awesome chemistry, is as shallow as a beach, a sunset and camera. Being a fuck awesome couple that has fun hanging out, is awesome in bed and whose love runs deeper than gifts and verbal promises, requires a little more work than swooning, dreaming and being horny.

This post has been written for all those madly in love and on the edge of a relationship – either a fledgling one, or a shattering one. It compiles the top 6 activities that couples SHOULD indulge in, to create a long lasting as well as a deep bond between themselves.

As with every other post on the blog, this one is for all couple types – straight, twisted, more twisted, gay, etc. The use of a male and female in the representative photographs is because of the limited variety of photographs  available.

As you read on through the post, you will realise, indulging in these fuck awesome activities is not only getting you to spend time with each other, but helping you make yourselves better individuals while engaging in the activity. It is a simple rule of romance – Better individuals make better couples. At the same time, these activities are fun and let you explore sides of each other that you might have not experienced otherwise. But the fuck awesomest thing that they will do for you is intertwine your stories together, that much more – making you inseparable from and unforgettable for each other. And THAT is awww! inducing.

These 6 activities are arranged in an order of commonly done to Oh-my-gawd-why-didn’t-I-think-of -that-myself! Choose the ones that appeal the most to you. And try them all anyways. By the way, in numerology, 6 is the number of love! On to the first one!

#6 Experentials

Mind you, we might use a big name, but really, these are the activities that couples most commonly, all over the world, tend to indulge in. The ease of access works the most in their favour. These are activities in which you are spectators, audience. Watching movies seems to be the number 2 activity that most couples, the world over, engage in. Number 1 would be talking. What did you think?

At Fuck Awesome! we wouldn’t just tell you what you already know though, would we? So, let me introduce you to a few of these, in an Indian context. Music is still unexplored territory in India. Yet, a music concert, of your favourite music, can do wonders for your emotional life as individuals and your love life as a couple. Find out where music concerts happen in your area. Watching a sport is as satisfying an activity too – as you involve yourself, root for a team, shout yourselves hoarse and go home totally spent! Besides creating great facebook photo-ops.

Other activities that FA recommends –

Theatre – There is something classy about watching a live performance.

Fighting Sports – While we would watch cricket, hockey and football routinely, try a boxing match the next time. You will realise, it isn’t one of the best paid sports in the world for nothing.

Horse Racing – It isn’t the thrill of a sport here. But your involvement in the outcome. Try not to get addicted. A definite must have experience, though!

#5 The Great Outdoors

Another classic! Tried and tested! But sadly, mostly by others.

The great attraction to the great outdoors has stopped being that to a lot of current couples. While there are individuals who will go on treks, excursions and the likes, after they hook up with someone, they will usually look for hotel rooms. Never in the history of couples in India has, “Get a room!” been so seriously taken!

Let me re-introduce you to the beauty of being outside – outside your home, your city, yourself. Away from pollution, the mad-rush of everyday life, tensions of work and family. Be beckoned by the mountains tall. Take a deeeeep breath of the fresh clean air. Hold each other’s hands by the riverside. Splash some water on each other while you are at it. Break out of your comfort zones. Let the outdoors teach you about yourselves. The experiences that the outdoors will make you share together will be worth oodles of stories that you can share with your loved ones.

FA recommends –

Stargazing – The night sky has fascinated humans since eons. Weary travellers of the deserts, sailors on the vast seas, everyone with nothing over their head, were held in rapture by arguably, nature’s most beautiful and humbling sight – the night sky, full of stars and planets and galaxies and what not. Stargazing can be highly romantic, deeply philosophical and highly entertaining when done with the experts.

Night-treks – Enough of lazing around watching TV and making out in your hotel rooms. Get your lazy bum out of there and go for a night trek. Most vacation spots will offer you an option of a night trek. You only have to ask.

Butterfly walk – Those very very colorful and even more fragile things, you spot some that you have never seen in your life on butterfly walks. To discover that such beautiful creatures exist around you, but you have been too busy to stand and stare. Again, something that is available in most major cities and towns in the country. All you have to do is ask! Or google!

#4 Getting sweaty with it!

While there are things you would do to break routine, there are a lot of fun things you can build into routine as well. In fact, the older you grow, the more you will realise, that it is the everyday things that create the most beautiful memories. That, in the end, these were the things that truly defined your relationship.

The very first thing I would ask couples to do start doing together is, exercise! You will be amazed to see how much you can motivate each other and stay on an exercise regimen, just because you are doing it together! And, the healthier you are, the longer will be your forever, no? Not to mention, it will tremendously boost your under the sheet antics. Tip for couples – If you don’t stay together, no problem! Synchronise your time-tables to do it at the same time together. It is fun to be away, yet to be joined in activity!

Same goes with dance. Although here, the added fun of learning something new spices things up. Just experience the power of dance as an aphrodisiac. It is a heady feeling! Tip for guys – it is not as difficult or as embarrassing as it looks! Tip for the ladies – guys are inherently worse at it than you. Take care of their egos, please!

FA recommends –

Power yoga – Better than weight training exercises, it keeps you physically and mentally fit. The added advantage is that you can do it at home itself!

Latin ballroom dancing – Learn it together. Dances like Salsa, Bachata, can be very sexy. The confidence they will give you in bed and otherwise, will be tremendous!

Sports – Badminton, tennis, any racquet sport, really, tends to let you play together. Sports let you be competitive and egg each other on in a healthy and very constructive pursuit. A must have in your arsenal of togetherness.

#3 Let the fight begin!

Yes! Beat each other to pulp! Or go co-op. Your choice really. I personally like co-op mode much better! What better thing to do than to save the world, arm in arm with your beloved?

Video games in India are still restricted to kids. A very small percentage of young-adults continue their fascination with unbelievable monsters, immortal heroes and gizhafrakking carnage! But video games fuel the reptilian part of our brain like sex, a physical fight or an actual threat to our lives. And therein lies their power over us.

That is mostly the reason why males continue with video games more than the women. Women tend to find outlets to their instinctual behaviour through the social media and gatherings, shopping and other socially accepted avenues and activities. For men, it is that much more difficult to find a fight, draw out and protect a territory or go on a satisfying hunt! But then, video games allow it and more! Very surprisingly, it is easier than it seems to get women hooked on to video games all over again!

Whether you are a man or a woman, get in touch with those joysticks and keyboards for some gut-wrenching mayhem. Race through barren cities, take on martial artists or find your way through boggling mazes. This activity, will definitely get you on one team, give you things to plan and think about and get your hearts pumping together. And of course, not to forget, the amazing amazing thing of being able to shout your choicest expletives in presence of your better half and getting him/her to join in. This itself makes it worth it.

FA recommends –

One-on-one – Kick each other’s butts and then team up to kick other couples or the AI. Try out a WWE wrestling game on a PS or an Xbox, a Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter on PS, Xbox or the PC.

Race – Nothing beats the Need For Speed series when it comes to racing. Hone your car and your driving by yourself and then compete with each other on LAN. Or play a split screen simultaneously!

Co-op – The real fun of gaming is when you have someone to play with, not just against! Try out two-player tennis, football, wrestling or even a Counter-Strike in which you team up to dish out the pain! Bond over it!

Bonus feature – Check this photo out. You may even play like this! ;)

#2 – Playing god!

No, please don’t judge people and condemn them to heaven or Justin Bieber’s concert. I mean hell.

One of the things that defines the phrase, ‘To do together’ is to be creative together. Means, to create things together. There are two parts to this. One is to find something that you guys like to do and then to learn how to do it. The second is, to do it.

In nature, a man and a woman gets together to create a new life. That is how instinct drives us. The creation, the baby, usually also becomes the reason for bonding, making a bond that was already there, stronger. Creating things works in the same way. There is something, that has come out of your union, together, that may have not existed if you had not been together. That is a powerful thought.

Whether you are already an artist or you are not, I personally believe, any human can learn any art. It is just the level one can reach, that differs according to talent. But, as a couple, you are not interested on the quality of your product, are you? It is the process of making, that should drive you.

FA recommends –

Pottery – There is something raw and very sexy about getting down and dirty to finally create something very beautiful.

Writing/Films/Painting/Music – Create content. While it lets you bond over creation, it also lets you create a thought-bond. This can help you when your boat rocks. Start a text or a video blog, write a book or make a film. Get a canvas and let go. Strum and beat your way to cacophony. It is entirely up to you. It will let you explore each other…a lot.

Jigsaw – While this is not strictly creating something of your own, it works pretty much in the same way. It is very satisfying when one of you finally puts the last piece in place!

#1 Make meaning

It is there on Maslow’s Heirarchy of motives and it is there to be seen by common sense. The really happy couples, tend to go beyond themselves. To reach out and to help others see and seek the happiness that, in a way, they have been blessed with.

Making meaning, means, to recognise being part of a larger scheme of things and to contribute towards its betterment. Making meaning is increasing  your circle of influence beyond your own self, even if it is to include your immediate family and friends.

Making meaning might involve, teaching those with no access to learning institutions, helping people in those sphere of their lives for which they might need guidance and help, providing food to those without access to it, even planting trees in your colony to make it greener and healthier. You can define and expand or restrict your own area of influence and work in it together. Your circle of influence might be your friends and family, your colony, your community, the city you stay in, your country or state or even the whole world. Find your niche. Find out how you can contribute. Affect the world together. These are the kind of love stories that are remembered by those that were touched by them. At the risk of sounding corny, let the glow of your love reach out to the world.

Successful Couples

Think about the couples you admire the most. If you observe, there are two things that the most successful and happy couples tend to have. One is, they have a wicked sense of humour. Either one partner has it and the other partner is a sport or both of them have it. Both of them, as a couple, tend to laugh a lot though. The second thing that such couples have, is they do things. They have built their relationship strong. A lot of us, confuse building a relationship with talking about ‘the relationship’ incessantly, needing to give each other verbal and material guarantees of sticking by and by being general emotional idiots. Sadly, such relationships are neither satisfying, nor long lasting.

At Fuck Awesome! we strongly believe in realising the potential of a relationship. That a relationship helps people grow by relying on each other and by doing things together. If, while being together, you have grown healthier, learned new stuff, picked up a few good habits, your relationship has made at least two people happier.

Notice the real awww!s of life.

-Fuck Awesome!

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