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Mumbai Mirror reads this site for its sex and relationship columns.

About Fuck Awesome!

If Mumbai Mirror is your sex guru and porn is all the action you get, fear no more! Fuck Awesome is here to your rescue!

Recently, the land of the Kamasutra has been deceivingly deprived of getting down to it awesomely. Be it the society, the neta log or the stupendously impotent education, by the time the Indian young adult should be getting major action in bed, he AND she is left floundering in the land of fuckdom. To know the level of ignorance, you just need to open your favourite tabloid and flick to the sex and relationships section to read the questions people have. “I am a 21 year old man. Do I need to use protection during masturbation?” Like, really?

But fear no more! A beacon of light piercing this darkness of what-with-the-pants-off! A guru to guide you through your journey of down under! Fuck Awesome is here! Enough of reading the white world write about themselves! This is us! Arguably, the first Indian Sex & Relationships blog that REALLY takes things to the next level! From ladies who haven’t even gotten friendly with the little girl down there, to couples who want to add more sugar and spice and all things nice to their hu-ha! time, read on.

Unless specifically mentioned, all our articles are for men and women both. Straight and gay both. Bi too. At Fuck Awesome, we believe, sex is sex and the basic fundas of it remain the same – whether you like to get mushy with the pussy or you would rather pick the joystick.

Get ready to read about things you haven’t even imagined before! From insidious insider info on male and female anatomies to secret weapons from when we were in the Stone Age, this blog is intended to make you Fuck Awesome!

As an end note, the copyright of everything written on this blog, remains with the  authors. All content of this blog is written through personal experiences and fantasies and is completely original. Unlike the musical compositions of Pritam and new movies starring Anil Kapoor.

Now, go. Dive in!

-Fuck Awesome


2 comments on “About Fuck Awesome!

  1. Praveen (PT)
    October 4, 2012

    Hopped in here from IHM’s.

    Just thought I’d drop you guys a line and let you know how tremendously glad I am not only that we actually have such blogs in this country. but also that there are people like you who aren’t afraid of writing about a topic that’s a very, very touchy one, especially in India (namely, sex).

    Keep writing, guys. :)

    • Fuck Awesome!
      October 4, 2012

      Thank you Praveen for the encouragement! Hope you find value in our writing :)

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