Fuck Awesome!

Mumbai Mirror reads this site for its sex and relationship columns.

Be Fuck Awesome!

There are only two simple things to be done to be really fuck awesome in life.

1 – Read Fuck Awesome! and implement stuff.

2 – Don’t be selfish and spread the word! Let everyone else get a chance to be fuck awesome as well! Don’t worry, you won’t lose your fuck awesomeness because someone else became fuck awesome too. In fact, you increase your levels of fuck awesomeness because you were fuck awesome enough to give others a chance to be fuck awesome as well!

3 – There is no #3. But #2 was getting too long. Basically, post links to your facebook page, email your friends, hit like on our facebook page, befriend us on facebook and help us promote this blog in any way you can.

4 – There is no #4 either. But, remember to wave your patriotism in the air and tell people this is an Indian blog that writes about us and not the USA. Mmm…I really hope you don’t miss the pun.


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We LOVE comments!

Comments are fuck awesome! As Indians, we are very stingy with leaving comments on blogs. When you leave a comment, the writer gets encouraged to write more for YOU! Write in some stuff. Tell us whether you liked or disliked a post! And tell us what more you would like to read! Happy reading!

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