Fuck Awesome!

Mumbai Mirror reads this site for its sex and relationship columns.

Write at Fuck Awesome!

Do you think you have something to contribute to making the world fuck awesome? Is there something you wish the world knew? Is it a tip to line-produce Casanovas and Nefertitis? Is it advice to make them Optimus Prime level awesome in bed? Or is it something they don’t know but you do?

If you think you want to write for Fuck Awesome! drop us a line at awesometwosome0_0@yahoo.com. Yes, we have a smiley face in our email id.

Just a few dos and don’ts

1 – Don’t be a Pritam. Let your stuff be original.

2 – Do be above 18 years of age.

3 – Do let your English be better than Celina Jaitley’s. That includes spell-checking stuff before you send it across.

4 – Do write about your own actual experiences, not second hand ones.

5 – Be as Indian as you can, writing about Indian scenarios, using Indian examples as much as possible. Some cultural icons we simply don’t have. Like Casanova & Nefertiti. It is ok to use them as such, then.


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We LOVE comments!

Comments are fuck awesome! As Indians, we are very stingy with leaving comments on blogs. When you leave a comment, the writer gets encouraged to write more for YOU! Write in some stuff. Tell us whether you liked or disliked a post! And tell us what more you would like to read! Happy reading!

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